About Us

CRE Advisors offers a wide variety of Off-Market opportunities for commercial real estate investors.

Sourcing properties for investors, Consulting with property owners and connecting them with qualified buyers.

Multifamily, SFR Portfolio's, Commercial office, and Commercial mixed-use assets Available

AZ, CA, FL, GA, NC, NJ, NY, OK, PA, TN, TX, and More

These assets range from 40 units to 1000 units,

These are all classes, A, B, or C.

These are true off-market, pocket opportunities and they are not shown on any national on-line posting site(s) nor the MLS.

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Our staff

CRE Advisors staff and affiliates provide over 35 years of combined experience in Residential and Commercial Real Estate related affairs with strong points in such categories as real estate acquisitions & sales, residential & commercial development,  property rehab & stabilization, structural repair, marketing, business management, and relationship coordinating. Our combined experience gives us the edge to provide strategic solutions that keep our clients ahead of the competition. 

Our Mission

 At CRE Advisors we are here to make your search for private opportunities streamlined and seamless !! We pride ourselves in working with our clients in a professional manner and providing quality services that are invaluable to small, medium, and large business entities who seek growth through developing relationships with similar business entities on a private and confidential level. 

Our Specialties, Marketing & Consulting Services For Commercial Property Owners

CRE Advisors Team Specializes in the development and maintenance of relationships with Multilevel Corporate Firms, Groups, Partnerships, and Private Business Entities who wish to engage with like Entities for the purpose of presenting or receiving PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL OPPORTUNITIES. CRE Advisors will diligently screen and assess potential business entities to assure that interaction is warranted and appropriate for the introduction.

At CRE Advisors we are selective in the clients chosen to work with and perform diligence on the entity requesting service to determine the entity's legitimacy, performance ability, intent, credibility and conclude if our entities are a fit to work together. To 

This is done through the steps described below.

1. Request Submitted For Service ( Submit Contact Information Below )

2. Scheduled Mutual Introduction Phone Call

3. CRE Performs Screening & Qualifying Procedure

4. Execution of "C.F.A." Consulting Fee Agreement and or Marketing Agreement 

5. a)Determination if Retainer Fee is Warranted. 

    b) If Service Request is Determined to Require a Retainer to Proceed,   Retainer Disclosure & Terms Must be Executed by Requesting Party & CRE,  and Agreed Retainer Must be Placed in Escrow with CRE Advisors Attorney Prior to  Any Service Rendered by Provider.

6. Consulting Service Initiated

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